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Welcome home Veteran. We have the watch. 

Welcome to the new home of the Homeless Veterans Initiative of Alabama / The Initiative - USA! We are so happy you stopped by to check out our newly launched webpage:


We want to keep this brief & know your time is important. We’ve  been working diligently over the last year to create an atmosphere of awareness and advocacy in our local communities. We found that the best way to accomplish the task was to offer a content based website to keep our followers abreast with the latest and greatest of this fantastic organization!

This is a great stride for our message and our cause and that could not be accomplished without community support & generosity like yours. Consider the possibility of having a direct impact on how we treat our homeless veteran community and the policies that dictate the aforementioned treatment. That in itself is a powerful feeling of responsibility.

Accordingly, we need those daily positive outcomes relating to our mission to come to fruition. Without your support this is not possible. 

Even if homeless Veterans isn’t of interest to you, I encourage you to seek out other veteran resources and services that are designed to fit the needs of the veteran in need. Without community partnership none of this is possible.  Click the links below to visit some of the other great organizations that work with veterans, associated with this mission & are Homeless Veteran Initiative - USA approved organization.








Have a great summer and thank you for your gracious support! 


Pat Johnson                                                                 President & Founder                                         Homeless Veterans Initiative of Alabama            Homeless Veterans Initiative - USA




Homeless Veterans Initiative Badge

Homeless Veterans Initiative Badge