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Well, the spiritual foundation of The Initiative dates back to August, 2013 where we find a young, homeless U.S. Navy veteran from Alabama living in the Salvation Army Home for Veterans in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Earlier in the day, he sat on his bed & stared through the window in his room for hours as the sun went down over the city. He had lost everything. His life had dwindled down to nothing except what for what little he was able to fit into his sea bag.

As he looked out into the desert watching the colors of the sky transition from orange to red, then purple into blue then black, he began to ponder the question, “How is it that a God that is so powerful, can make something so beautiful, & leave someone so miserable?” Faced with little to no other option than suicide, before he took he life he dropped to his knees & prayed over again these words, “God, if you are real you will save me now.” 

He asked that question, spoke those words & from that moment forward he’s constantly witnessed God moving in his life. That same veteran has met hundreds of other homeless veterans who've had similar needs & been in the same circumstances. He took his knowledge & experiences in dealing with his own hardships & the deficiencies in his life & applied what he knew to help others. He pledged the decision for change in his own life. Furthermore, part of that pledge came with the understanding that if he was ever able to pull himself out of that deep, dark hole he fell down, he would give back & try to bring other homeless vets with him. That veteran began to display those physical & invisible scars that many of our warfighters come back home trying to live with on a daily basis. That veteran lived with Traumatic Brain Injury, Post Traumatic Stress & Developmental Bi-Polar Disorder for nearly eight years before he decided to get help.

Today, that veteran thrives & so many other homeless veterans have benefited from the decision he made over four years ago. You can join the movement to help change a veterans life forever. Get involved! Advocate! Volunteer! Donate!

-The Initiative Staff

founding the Initiative

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Click the link below to learn more about the premise of "Grace through Faith by Good Works with Love"

Click the link below to learn more about the premise of "Grace through Faith by Good Works with Love"